Mods updated 9.17.1

Hi, dear tankers!
On our site you can find Mods updated to 9.17.1

February 24th was release micropach and change the settings of all the mods folder. Now they need to be put in this way: WOT \ res_mods \\. If after updating you have no reason flies out the client, download the game cache cleanup script and run it should help.

Modpacks updated to 9.17.1

Jimbo Sight Mod Pack

OMC ModPack


Mod Pack with XVM by QuickyBabyTV

OldSkools ProMod 

Solo’s ModPack Installer

forbidden modpack “WOTSPEAK”

PROTanki modpack 

Joves Modpack v28

Modpack by webium 

Aslain’s Modpack v00 for WoT 

sela’s mods 

Clean & Minimal Modpack

Damage Panel updated to 9.17.1

Convenient damage panel from Noobool

Damage panel with guns angles

Minimalistic damage panel Mini Steel

 The damage panel Xbox Edition for World of Tanks

Minimalistic blue damage panel 

Damage panel from Chinese players 

Damage panel from Maks5187

Damage panel “Turbo” 

Damage panel WOT

Transparent damage panel Neon

Damage panel BioNick in gray 

Damage panel with vertical stripe of tank strength

Damage panel Walhalla Mini 

Damage panel from Maks5187

The damage panel from GambitER 

Damage panel from Bionick

Rabbit Damage Panel

The damage panel from KobkaG

Transparent damage panel

The most minimalist damage panel

Minimalistic damage panel

The damage panel from Skyrim 

Hit zones updated to 9.17.1

Contour hitzones of Korean Random 

Mod: Vulnerabilities of tanks

Colored Hitbox skins

Compressed skins hit zones at 50%

Hitzones “Estet” from ProTanki

XVM Mod updated to 9.17.1

XVM + XVM configuration from demon2597 WOT

XVM Config by Bones

XVM from Ms Ramis 

BOGRAD’s clean and simple XVM config

Mod “Wide border of maps”

Aslain’s XVM Mod 

XVM Full 6.4.9 mod for World of Tanks 

XVM from Ms Ramis

Sights updated to 9.17.1

New sights from marsoff

Realistic sight (Sniper 2)

Autoaim Shaytan – scope with feedforward

The sight Kellerman + armor calculator

Forbidden autoaim “Vanga”

The sight Harpoon – Mod combat interface 

The sight Harpoon – Mod combat interface

Sight “Hyperion”

Hardscope for World of Tanks

Battle Assistant v 1.3.9 – best modification

Cheat mods to 9.17.1

Mod 3D sphere

Cheat mod Black Sky

White circle in the place of contact with the enemy tank without glare

Fire extinguisher, automatic crew repair and tank repair modules

Red balls from artillery shot 

Mod “X-ray” for WOT

Mod red pillars

Mod “Automatic fire extinguisher”

Red columns with colored markers

Recharge timer enemies and allies

Сheat autoaim Pro Aim

Mods updated to 9.17.1

An expanded zoom mod

Mod – Included lights 

Quick repairs and the crew treated 

Mod “Starry sky”

Mod clock in hangar

Improved shells panel 

The direction of enemy guns on the minimap

Mod “Night War” for World of Tanks 

Mod displaying spheres on the place of tank outside the square to draw 

New mod Psychadelic Loading Wheel 

Mod 6th senses in the form of Simon cat

Mod that can do all shots objects on the map transparent

Awfultanker Session Stats

Sniper zoom mod for sight х30

Turn off the hit log effect of the tank

AutoEquip mod 

Autoaim for arty 


Transparent interface in the battle

Set of information for the sight

Mod “Automatic fire extinguisher”

Mod autoaim+ takeover target behind obstacles + Indicators

Mod damage indicator from dikey93

Destroyed objects on the minimap

Mod ‘Antitoxicity’

Master Ambush mod 

Mod free camouflage in battle and in hangar 

Coloured Messages YasenKrasen

Mod RTAN – mod earned awards and achievements

Mod medals with effect under glass

Mod “Vertical development tree”

Removal camouflage and inscriptions from tanks

Mod: “I am Spotted”

Turn off the hit log effect 

AutoEquip mod

Session Statistics

Zoom x60 mod in sight

Mod calculator of tank armor

Account panel with indicator team HP + damage log for WOT

Mod: Indicator – Enhanced display of avtopritsel

Advanced Configure DebugPanel

Black and white stickers in places on the tank falling to World of tanks 

Mod fireworks explosion of shells

Mod “Colored hits”

Mod “Fog removing on all maps + max visibility”

Mod: Quick repair knocked tracks by blank button

The Forbidden mod TUNDRA 


Recharge timer enemies and allies

Improved distinctive markings on the gun 

New Battle Interface Z-MOD 

Destroyed objects on the minimap 

Mod penetration marker

Mod “Enemy Fire”

Forbidden mod shadow contour of the enemy at the last glare

The direction of enemy guns on the minimap 

PMOD package

Mod SafeShot

Mod of combat interface from zayaz

Mod Laser Pointer

Zoom mod 0.9.17 ( camera maximum distancing)

Mod “Chaos” server scope without dissynchronization WOT

Advanced damage log

Damage Indicator “Mini Predator”

Damage Indicator “Predator”

Color damage indicator with timer

Wide damage indicator 

Damage Indicator “Bullet”

NoScroll mod 

Mod Firefly – indication glare enemies and review damage

 WN8, EFF, XWN8 calculators and rating positions

Mod direction of the nearest enemy

Icon Mod updated to 9.17.1

Hard Icons

3D icons for tanks World of Tanks

Gold and premium tanks camouflage icons in hangar

Anime Icons of the crew (all nations)  

T3D tank icons by DJON_999

Peqpepu icons of tank 

 Wizard’s Contour Icon Mod

Tank icons Peqpepu D-T, Black_Spy, BufferOverflow

Program updated to 9.17.1

XVM Updater – software for installation and auto update XVM

WOT TWEAKER with lightweight texture from Jove 

One client for play on any servers 

Hangars updated to 9.17.1

Holiday hangar in industrial zone to the WG anniversary 

Hangar “Victory Day”

Summer hangar “Quiet beach”

Futuristic hangar 

Hangar from any place on the map in one click 

Hangar with airplanes 

Hangar to birthday WG

Dark hangar with light off

HangarManager ‘HangMan’ with FreeCam

Replace base hangar on a premium 

The technology factory hangar for WOT

Hangar “The Day of tanker” 

The assembling of simplest hangars

Hangar “Poppy field”

Hangar – tank on square

Mini maps 9.17.1

Smart minimap with tanks names displaying 

HD minimap

Sound to 9.17.1

Realisticm guns sounds

Gnomefather’s Engines 0.63

German voice Siegfried from Strategic Music

Polish voice for World of Tanks

Mod voice recharging

English voice of Strategic Music. Steel Foxes 

Music in the hangar Era group 

Sound Modern Talking in hangar

Voice acting from Call of Duty

Voice mod “First Blood”

Сrew voice Minions

Sixth sense 9.17.1

Animated lamp 6th senses with voice

Sixth Sense Siren (voice) 

Lion lamp sixth sense + lion roaring 

Sound of lamp 6 sense

“Lamp” voice mod sixth sense

Extended time lamp 6th senses to 10 seconds

Mod sixth sense “Sauron’s Eye”