Mods updated

Hi, dear tankers!
On our site you can find Mods updated to

May 9 was release micropach change the settings of all the mods folder. Now they need to be put in this way: WOT \ res_mods \\ If after updating you have no reason flies out the client, download the game cache cleanup script and run it should help.

Modpacks updated to

New Anime and Vocaloid MEGApack

All anime skins assemble for all nations

1D6 XVM MODPACK v0.9.18a 

Mod Pack with XVM by QuickyBabyTV

OldSkools ProMod 

Solo’s ModPack Installer

forbidden modpack “WOTSPEAK”

PROTanki modpack 

Joves Modpack v29

Modpack by webium 

PMOD package

Aslain’s Modpack v12 for WoT 

sela’s mods 

Clean & Minimal Modpack

Damage Panel updated to

Convenient damage panel from Noobool

Damage panel from Bionick 

Rabbit Damage Panel 

Hit zones updated to

Hitzones “Estet” from ProTanki

Contour hitzones of Korean Random

XVM Mod updated to

XVM Config by Bones

Benoz’s XVM Config 

XVM KISS Interface

J1mB0’s XVM Config

WoW style XVM

BOGRAD’s clean and simple XVM config

XVM Full 6.6.4 mod

XVM from Ms Ramis

Sights updated to

Damage panel “Harpoon”

Crosshair Mjolnir

Autoaim Shaytan – scope with feedforward 

Sight “Pulse”

Forbidden autoaim “Vanga”

Sights “WOWP Style”

Super informative sights on Deegie

J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod 

Sword of Damokles

Sight “Destroyer” 

Cheat mods to

The Forbidden mod TUNDRA

Mod “X-ray” for WOT

Red balls at the place of shot artillery

Recharge timer enemies and allies

Forbidden automatic crosshair Sae for WOT 

Red columns with colored markers

The Forbidden mod TUNDRA 

Mod “Automatic fire extinguisher”

Destroyed objects on the minimap

Forbidden mod shadow contour of the enemy

Mods updated to

Mod Server Aim

Mod “Night War”

Mod Firefly – indication glare enemies and review damage 

Fire extinguisher, automatic crew repair and tank repair modules

Painted tracks in white

Chameleon with 3D skins enemy’s tanks

Calculator of tank arm in the hangar

Black and white stickers in places

Advanced damage log

Mod “Colored hits”

Master Ambush mod

Mod direction of the nearest enemy

Zoom x30 sniper mode

Mod Dispersion Circle

Session Statistics

WN8, EFF, XWN8 calculators and rating positions

Mod “Chaos”

Mod “recruiter” 

Zoom x60 mod in sight

Awfultanker Session Stats

Mod: “I am Spotted” 

Mod ‘Antitoxicity’

Icon Mod updated to

J1mB0’s Contour Icon Mod

Prudenter Icons

Witblitz Icons & TORQue Contour Mod


Program updated to

XVM Updater – software for installation and auto update XVM 

WOT TWEAKER with lightweight texture 

Hangars updated to

Hangar from any place on the map in one click

HangarManager ‘HangMan’ with FreeCam

Mini maps

will be soon

Sound to

will be soon

Sixth sense

Animated lamp 6th senses with voice