Mods updated 9.17

Hi, dear tankers!
On our site you can find Mods updated to 9.1

October 4th was release pach 0.9.17 and change the settings of all the mods folder. Now they need to be put in this way: WOT \ res_mods \ 0.9.17\. If after updating you have no reason flies out the client, download the game cache cleanup script and run it should help.

Modpacks updated to 9.17

Apollo’s modpack

Helpics Modpack

seba86mu ModPack v1a + XVM Instalator

Jimbo Sight Mod Pack

Lewdpack Version 0.1

 ModPack by DjVirusPL v2

Baztens ModPack v1 for WOT 

Modpack from Slayer_The_God 

Minimal ModPack by p0st v2 

 sela’s mods v1

Anfield’s ModPack v1.1

OMC ModPack

– OldSkools ProMod 

– Solo’s ModPack Installer v0 for 

– New Anime and Vocaloid MEGApack 

– Joves Modpack v27 (Extended)

– All anime skins assemble for all nations WOT 

– PROTanki modpack v0 for WoT

– Wot Fan Modpack 

Tom_Cat’s ModPack v1 

Modpack by webium 

Clean & Minimal Modpack 

Aslain’s Modpack v02 for WoT 

Damage Panel updated to 9.17

New minimalist damage panel to WOT 

Panel received and done damage + enemy recharge time for WOT

– The damage panel from GambitER (DamageLog) 

– Rabbit Damage Panel 

– The damage panel from KobkaG for WOT

Hit zones updated to 9.17

Compressed skins hit zones at 50%

Hitzones “Estet” from ProTanki for World of Tanks 

 Hitzones from Jove for WoT

The hatched hit zones from the “Red Star” 

Colored Hitbox skins for WoT 

WEAK SPOTS for World of Tanks – “BLACK & WHITE”

Contour hitzones of Korean Random for 

Zone of penetration fuel tanks and combat pack Tanks – How to Ignite Tank 

Mod: Vulnerabilities of tanks 

Weak Spots MOD for WoT

XVM Mod updated to 9.17

Benoz’s XVM Config for WoT

ManiacMouse’s XVM Config 

 Aslain’s XVM Mod 

XVM Config by Bones

XVM KISS Interface

WoW style XVM 9.17

– XVM Full 6.3.0 mod for World of Tanks 

J1mB0’s XVM Config 

Sights updated to 9.17

sniper, an arcade and arty. Overcross sight 

Minimalistic Dellux sight

 Turquoise sights

Sight that shows the thickness of armor from Spectr20

Square sight for World of Tanks

Autoaim Shaytan – scope with feedforward for the World of Tanks 

MeltyMap’s MathMod blue sight for WoT

The Fatality sight for WOT

Download a rotating sight 

Sight “Valuhov” for WOT 

Bed Boy sight for World of Tanks

Sight “Grandpa’s KISS” for WOT 

J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod v1.57 for WoT

– The sight Harpoon – Mod combat interface for WOT

– Super informative sights on Deegie for World of Tanks 

– Forbidden automatic crosshair Sae for WOT 

 Battle Assistant v 1.3.4 – best modification

– Mod “Chaos” server scope without dissynchronization WOT 

– Hardscope for World of Tanks 0.9.16 – historic sights

Sight TAIPAN 2 + penetration indicator for WOT 

Super informative sights

White minimalistic sight for WOT 

Sight Warrior for World of Tanks 

“Blue Light” scope for World of Tanks

[0.9.16] Sword of Damokles by Alastanka v7.15 (adjustable sights)

Sights Animated-3 for WOT

Sight “Destroyer” for World of Tanks

Sight “Pulse” for the World of Tanks

Author ProTanki scope for WoT

Mods updated to 9.17


Mod damage indicator from dikey93

Red and yellow damage indicator

Improved Drum

Removal camouflage and inscriptions from tanks 

HD camouflage on tanks for all nations 

 Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator, HitLog, Center CTRL Repair and Repair Timer

Mod ‘Antitoxicity’

Black and white stickers in places on the tank falling 

Elkano’s Ping Minimap Spam Blokker

Awfultanker Session Stats


Mod Server Aim

Mod: Indicator – Enhanced display of avtopritsel

Improved distinctive markings on the gun WOT

Removal camouflage and inscriptions from tanks

HD camouflage on tanks for all nations

Chameleon with 3D skins enemy’s tanks for World of tanks

Integrated DamageLogs v0.22

0.9.15] Recharge timer enemies and allies in World of Tanks

Mod: Locastans 2 rowed tank carousel for WoT 

Mod “Automatic fire extinguisher” for WOT 9.16

Coloured Messages YasenKrasen v9.15a for WoTs

Mod “X-ray” for WOT

Cheat mod for WOT

SFs Damage received log 

Mod free camouflage in battle and in hangar 

Mod: “I am Spotted” 

Mod color hit for WOT

Mod: Quick repair knocked tracks by blank button

Mod autoaim indication+snapping+addins for WOT

 Johny Bafak’s Vertical Techtree 

Mod Increase distance on the map for World of Tanks

– Show Vehicle. Unique mod for WOT 

– Mod Zoom In/Out + Server Reticle

– Mod SafeShot

– MeltyMap’s MathMod  for WoT

– Mod “Wide border of maps” World of Tanks

– [0.9.16] Received Damage Announcer

Mod calculating feedforward enemy for artillery World of Tanks
– Advanced damage log

 WN8, EFF, XWN8 calculators and rating positions

–  Mod “The marks on the guns”

– Mod “Improved aiming” for WOT

– Mod “Enemy Fire”

Mod “Vertical development tree” v0.81 for World of Tanks 

– White Dead Tanks

– PMOD package 

– Zoom mod ( camera maximum distancing)

–  Texture compression – 25%

– The Forbidden mod TUNDRA for WOT 

– [0.9.16] Mod “Fog removing on all maps + max visibility”

– Mod of combat interface from zayaz for World of Tanks 

Mod 15 meters circle for masking bushes WOT 

Mod showing the time and date in battle 9.16

[0.9.16] Calculator WN8, EFF, XWN8 position and ratings

Mod Server Aim for WOT 

Icon Mod updated to 9.17

Anime Icons of the crew (all nations)


Yet Another Contour Mod

Historical icons World II

J1mB0’s Contour Icon Mod 

Wizard’s Contour Icon Mod

 3D Icons Black_Spy

Colored icons for World of Tanks 


Program updated to 9.17

One client for play on any servers WOT

– WOT TWEAKER with lightweight texture from Jove 

Hangars updated to 9.17

Hangar – tank on square

Hangar “Poppy field”

Hangar from any place on the map in one click for World of Tanks

HangarManager ‘HangMan’ v2.9.3 with FreeCam

Hangar “The Day of tanker”

Hangar from SEA server

Replace base hangar on a premium for WOT

Hangar “Victory Day” for WoT

Mini maps 9.17

Smart minimap with tank names displaying WoT 

The direction of enemy guns on the minimap for WOT

Mini map to display the names of tanks World of Tanks

Sound to 9.17

Improved voice engines

Remove annoying sound from dying tanks

“Die” sound effect mod

Mod voice recharging for WoT 

English voice of Strategic Music. Steel Foxes

Sound mod Disco Casanova 

 German voice Siegfried from Strategic Music

 Music in battle from “Audiomachine” 

Sixth sense 9.17

Animated lamp of glare (3 variants)

Mod sixth sense “Sauron’s Eye”

6 senses for WoT 9.16

Set of bulbs sixth sense “Halloween”

Sixth sense “Warheads”