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Here is a new and promising mod PMOD package
Updated 11/07/2017

PMOD package is a separate multi mod with help of which player will have a lot of new opportunities. This mod will improve your gameplay of the game.


PMOD allows you:
— to clean the system from unnecessary communications channel.
— to hide unwanted pop-up messages.
— to disable Playback is starting the roller.
— you to turn off the camera for a change of regime scroll (wheels) mouse.
— to change the display panel starting players (ears).
— to change the time during which the marker is displayed glare (light).
— to change the behavior of the horizontal stabilization.
— to change the camera at the start of combat and death.
— to change the sensitivity of the scroll in the arcade mode.
— to change the estrangement in arcade mode and arty mode.
— to turn a free camera when viewing replays.
— to take / wear removable equipment in 1 click.
— to set a constant starting value multiplicity sniper scope.
— much more…

Copy the folder scripts in the WOT / res_mods /


PMOD packages (2 MB)

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