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Minimalistic sight GIACINT for WOT 0.9.19

Too much information during the battle hinders a player to make a correct shot. That is why many tankers selected  minimalistic  sights. Among the sights of this kind one clearly stands out for such minimalist, simple but at the same time functionality. Introducing the most minimalistic sight called GIACINT.

Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18

We introduce you popular among players Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18 Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18 really widely popular and favorite among the players. And it’s not so simple. After all, they are really easy to use and effective in combat.

Author ProTanki scope for WoT 9.19

Hi, tankers! I want to introduce you Author ProTanki scope for WoT 0.9.19 All players are well acquainted with ProTanki ModPack. This Modpack is one of the most popular and beloved mods for all tankers. To represent this mod is not necessary. The same applies to the sight ProTanki for …

Mod 3D sphere for World of Tanks 0.9.18

I am sure each of us have situations when before the ahot enemy tank left the glare and you have to shoot blindly. However, an important question arises. Did you “catch up”  the enemy war machine and cause maximum damage? In the standard version found this information you can not. But with the …

Mod red pillars for World of Tanks 0.9.18

If you do not have time to notice the last location of the enemy before glare this mod will be very useful to you. Agree much easier to aim a particular subject than in air. Mod red pillars leaves bright, noticeable red lines in the form of pillars in the place last …

“Blue Light” scope for World of Tanks 0.9.18

Hello, everyone! Here is a minimalistic«Blue Light» scope for World of Tanks 0.9.18 The scope «Blue Light» for World of Tanks 0.9.18 — classified as minimalist sight. The scope updated externally. The mod Authors are Shtys, Akwotker. It is presented in a pleasant semi-transparent blue colors and has a number of …