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Minimalistic sight GIACINT for WOT

Too much information during the battle hinders a player to make a correct shot. That is why many tankers selected  minimalistic  sights. Among the sights of this kind one clearly stands out for such minimalist, simple but at the same time functionality. Introducing the most minimalistic sight called GIACINT.

Zayaz scope for WoT

We introduce you popular among players Zayaz scope for WoT Zayaz scope for WoT really widely popular and favorite among the players. And it’s not so simple. After all, they are really easy to use and effective in combat.

Damage panel “Harpoon” for WOT

We are introducing a new and modern mod for category “damage panel”. This damage panel will able to surprise you. Many tankers well known and successfully used a battle interface which called “Harpoon”. The structure of this mod includes a wide variety of useful modifications. For example, angel, drums, sight and …

MeltyMap’s MathMod for WoT

Update: 23.07.2017 Here is the first test version MeltyMap’s Math Mod MeltyMap’sMathMod is a useful and functional mod. It is one of the most favourite gamer«s mod. MeltyMap’s Math Mod includes: – Minimalistic, Futuristic and Effective design – Auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode – Dynamic speed threshold …