The damage panel from GambitER (DamageLog) []

Updated to version 23/07/2017:

Added panel damage with a repair timer module (placed on top of the log of the damage);
The damage panel from GambitER (DamageLog) [] is cheat panel. Because it has a countdown timer recharge shoot at the enemy and you With this information you can go without fear of him, and inflict damage.
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Panel from Gmbitera has a convenient configuration file that can be used without problems to change the output information, as well as its appearance.
While the author does not completely adapted its panel and instead released DamageLog mode which will display the following information:

-log of the damage to the bounce and no penetration;
-Log blocked damage
-log the damage caused by you or your team;
While this is the best alternative Gambitera panel from the same author!

Since DamageLog has a very flexible configuration files, in the spaces of the Internet there are many different configurations to it that looks very cool. Among the many options we have selected for you only the best. Below you can get acquainted with them and to download the configuration to the mod DamageLog Gambiter, establishing that you receive is the same as what you see in the image below for reference of the main mod.


Install New Font.
Copy the folders and configs in WOT / res_mods /.
In the archive you will find a bar with a timer module repair, it must be put on top of log damage, if you set only the panel, you will have a log of the panel itself, without taking damage.

Setup log:

Setting mode is performed in the configuration files, which can be found here: WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ DamageLog \.
Blocked.cfg — is responsible for displaying a locked damage;
Damaged.cfg — responsible for mapping the damage;
Log.cfg — is responsible for the display of the damage;
Message.cfg — is responsible for the display messages hit on you;
Timer.cfg — reload timer setting you hit the enemy;
Each element can be turned off. To do this, go to the desired file, find the line «enable»: true, and by replacing true with false. Also there can be a place to edit the position of each element of mod. All files are accompanied by explanatory comments. Read them and configuration problems will not arise.


damage-panel-gambiter (1 MB)

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