An expanded zoom mod for World of Tanks

Zoom mod likes many tankers and almost no one does not imagine a game without this important element. Remove the camera and see the whole picture from far away, or bring your camera in the vicinity of the enemy to consider – all this is now possible thanks to the zoom mods. Zoom mods bring  camera with different magnification, for example, x25, x30 or x60.
Author Ekspoint united all the most popular and important mod in a good, successful. Now mod has acquired such capabilities:
– Zoom mod – distancing camera in arcade mode (included)
– Sniper zoom – closer to the sniper scope to maximum magnification x60 and x45 (inclusive) by default
– Zoom multiplicity indicator in the sniper scope (off)
– Forced the multiplicity of sight after leaving the sniper scope (off)
– No Scroll – off change by wheel (off)
– Disconnection of the eclipse in the sniper scope (included)
– Zoom setting after the destruction of your tank (included)
All of this comes in one mod and has a convenient configuration file, which can be found here:

World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_zoom_extended.json
Open using NotePad ++.


Copy the scripts folder in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \\, confirming the replacement.


An expanded zoom-mod (2 MB)

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