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Dear tankers! December 16th was started new update for version This happened because of the new shares, and cause failure of all mods. New share called “New Year offensive” and began on December 16th and will last until January 16th. Players will need to have 10 level and each achievement to receive the …


WOT developers use cheats themselves

One of the WOT developers was cheating. Developer World of Tanks under the nickname Fadalmahr show video but attentive tankers immediately saw in replay at least one cheat – Tundra. Of course this “hero” and his friends began to fight fiercely in the forum. But fortunately it should be noted the administration does not make …


New tank STRV S-1

Here is a new information from Supertest – has began testing the first premium tank destroyer from Sweden branch. It will be tank 8th level, with a characteristic hydro-pneumatic suspension. This machine will be similar to the tank Destroyer 9 th and 10 th levels, taking into STRV S1 level. It will be …


Release update 9.17

Friends! I am sure you have long been waiting news about the upcoming patch 9.17. From a reliable source became known information that future patch will be held very soon, more precisely December 13th, 2016. Well, with 100%  guarantee we can not say it because has not yet published official news.


The second common test 9.17

December 5th was started the second Common Test for update 9.17. As you have already noticed at the launcher has been added a new update for 12 MB. The second common test has some changes: – Correct calculation of bonuses when driving with cleats – Correct use of radio operator skills …


Real bans for cheats

A long promising bans for cheating were assessed all lovers of forbidden mods. For many years, we constantly hear about punishment for using prohibited mods, but did not see it in action. Constant warnings about block accounts or ban for use mods that clearly betray the player all of this …


Common test for update 9.17

Developers of World of Tanks have launched a common test of the next patch under the number 0.9.17, now you can get acquainted with future innovations in game. Here are main innovations: -Sound Added support for 7.1 and 5.1 audio systems + in the game settings can be independently fine-tune the effects …


Update 9.17. Supertest

Friends! November 17th will start Supertest for version 9.17. All changes and additions we can expect in new patch: – There will be recycled and improve 7 maps: Karelia, Pilsen, Sand River, Mountain Pass, Tundra, Windstorm, Winter Himmelsdorf – More than 10 tanks will be transferred to HD quality – Added Swedish teach tree and two branches: …


[9.17] New Tanks in HD

More than 10 tanks will be transferred to HD quality in new update 9.17. The exact date of new update we have not known yet, but as soon as this information will be known we will inform you. 1. Here is the list of combat vehicles that will be converted to HD …