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Supertest for patch 0.9.16

At the end of this week was came supertest for update 9.16 – it means only one thing, after 1-2 weeks will release version 9.16. What we can expect in this new version? – The first Swedish tank Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2 – Improvements received map “Paris”, which had previously …

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Update 9.15.1

Was came supertest for new update 9.15.1. Tankers! In June, we will have a new update for World of Tanks 9.15.1 (the exact date will report a little later). In this update, there will be changes and additions: – Work servers will more stable – More natural will effects of tanks friction …


New French tank – Somua SM

We introduce new performance characteristics and booking premium French tank. In one of next update will be available a special a premium heavy tank of France, 8th level. The tank will be called Somua SM. We offer to see performance, design and external views of the tank.



Today has came micropatch, which added a new modes in the game. Now mod install you need in folder but not 0.9.15 in the otherwise they will not work. If  after today’s update for unknown reasons, the game crashes, try to clear its cache. Then download the script  and run, after restart game. …

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9.15 Released

Finally update 9.15 is alive. Friends! Today we have known the release date of the new, long-awaited update 9.15. So, according to the developers update 9.15  will expecte on Tuesday, May 24th. Among changes in update 9.15  includes: – Improved voice settings – Improved physics engine – Improvement carousel filter – …


Common test for Update 9.15

Friends! Finally is available General Test for Updates 9.15. Approximately, May 10-12, will be an update 9.15 for World of Tanks. In the meantime, you can play on the access for everybody, General Tests of upcoming update. Common test is available to all players who signed up for World of …