Global changes with arty in patch 9.18

Gameplay on arty has long been a reason for heated discussions among players World of Tanks a long time. The essence of the problem is that players get very dubious pleasure both in playing on the technique of this class and against it.

The shooting on arty is not very accurate, and recharging takes an eternity.In the past battle for arty was able to deal a large amount of one-off damage, which caused many fights to end in a draw. Now “arty” leads the fight in close cooperation with the team: it weakens the enemy’s technique and sets the direction of the attack, firing from a long distance.

Major artillery changes

  • To make arty in an effective team player, was introduced a completely new mechanics of stunning. Now when the fragments from the projectile of arty come into the area of ​​flight, the characteristics of the equipment temporarily deteriorate. As a result, successful actions of arty can bring tremendous benefits to the team.
  • To increase the role of long-range fire support for the automatic control system, was increased the radius of the fragmentation of armor-piercing shells. At the moment, the damage from direct hit and from the fragments of arty that explodes near the projectile is practically the same, so shooting by groups of techniques makes more sense than targeting single targets.
  • In order to prevent the destruction of the machine in one hit, was significantly reduced the armor penetration and one-time damage of high-explosive shells
  • To compensate for the loss of penetration and damage to the ACS, we reduced the scatter in shooting and recharging time, and also increased the speed of information and accuracy.


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