Changes with light tanks X level in patch 9.18

Initially, light tanks were added to the game as fire support units, to detect enemy equipment and to assist allies in their destruction, and not as independent machines. For this reason, in the current version of the game light tanks above the IV level, will be special rules apply when selecting an opponent. As a result, they go into battle against technology, which, as a rule, exceeds them by three levels.

Initially, such special rules of the balancer allowed the technique VIII level to get into fights against X level technology. However, later a technique with powerful guns and a large radius of vision was added to the game, which easily detected and destroyed light tanks, making them practically useless in battle. In the current version of the game, LTs rarely inflict a large amount of damage and can not effectively fight against high-level technology. All this leads to the fact that light tanks either do not go anywhere and do not bring any benefit to the team, or quickly go to the Hangar.

Now improved balancer will be able to quickly select a variety of teams, and players on light tanks will finally be able to make a significant contribution to the outcome of the battle. They are still machines of support, but now they will have enough firepower and speed, and they will be able to play a significant role in the battle. Light tanks of X level are more maneuverable and quicker than their younger brothers. Good stabilization of the gun, high firepower and penetration will allow them to bring maximum benefit in close battles.

Their characteristics will help them to stay in motion and constantly change their positions. The guns of these light tanks are slightly inferior to the average tanks in firepower, but their penetration will be sufficient to damage heavy tanks. With wise use of speed, disguise and firepower, light tanks turn into formidable opponents on the battlefield.

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