Update 9.17. Supertest

Friends! November 17th will start Supertest for version 9.17. All changes and additions we can expect in new patch:
– There will be recycled and improve 7 maps: Karelia, Pilsen, Sand River, Mountain Pass, Tundra, Windstorm, Winter Himmelsdorf

37_caucasus 01_karelia 63_tundra 84_winter 28_desert 114_czech 86_himmelsdorf_winter
– More than 10 tanks will be transferred to HD quality
– Added Swedish teach tree and two branches: light tanks for 1-3 levels, medium tanks for 4-7 levels, heavy tanks for 8-10 levels

– Added 3 tanks for Supertest: Chrysler K, Lorraine 40 t, HF-122
– There will be technical changes: FV4202, Löwe, WZ-111, M4A1 Revalorisé, STA-2

– The training rooms available to first-person mode
– The training rooms increased the number of gamers for 20 people
– Redesigned collision tank system with indestructible object
When Supertest will release this list could be supplemented with new additions and changes. Follow the news!

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