HD tanks models in patch 9.17.1. Part 2

In second part you can see new HD tanks which  will be able in update 9.17.1. Also here you can see Part one. On screenshots you will see:
– WZ-111 model 1-4
– VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A

– Type 64

– Type 4 Chi-To


– T21

– T14

– Renault FT

– T 15

– Object 907

msdbwng-min qfnqjqe-min lzxf4ny-min c9xtxo8-min h5aiybx-min iiqslrt-min2pzskd5-min 3pgd2qs-min dqoxard-min 1486053886_t21_6-min 1486053908_t21_1-min 1486053911_t21_2-min gqouwcf-min kqtbn4j-min 7or9a4n-min 77trhww-min 81lwxxo-min b6j9ona-min cqsg2qb-min dmr5vfm-min

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