Information about patch 9.19.1 in World of Tanks

Hello tankmen!

And let’s a little digress from the uncompromising battles in the “Ranked battles” and learn more about new patch, our favorite game World of Tanks.
Today we will tell about the real content of the nearest update game World of Tanks – version 9.19.1.

So patch 9.19.1 is very close. In a new patch, we focused on improvements and recent innovations that were appeared in the game in the spring – the updated balance, as well as the reworked class of vehicles arty. Developers will also make some corrections to the top-end technology of the Chinese branch, will add the first Polish tank and the new training mode. And, of course, are expecting a new portion of tank in HD-quality.

Interested? Well, let’s read more.

What awaits us in updated 9.19.1?

  • Firstly, we will tighten the criteria for balancing the teams by the type of equipment – now the teams will more carefully balance the tank destroyer, light tanks and arty, selecting tanks of this class, taking into account their position in the list of teams. For example, if in one of the teams in the top there is a light tank, then when selecting the equipment in the opposite team, the balancer will try to find the “LT” at the top of the list. Earlier the balancer did not take into account the position in the list of commands.
  • Secondly, the arty can again play in the platoon, but no more than one tank of this class to the platoon.
  • The third change can be called cosmetic: we have redesigned the order of sorting the technology of one level in the team’s ears. The details will be in next article.
  • What will change in the artillery?
  • In addition to the ability to play in the platoon, we finalized the alternative sight – guidance in this mode will become more comfortable. Also, the mechanics of stunning will affect the changes: damage for the stunned target will be taken into account to calculate the marks on the gun. Plus, we reviewed the conditions for getting the “Gora” medal and finalized the interface of the marker for aiming artillery.

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