Real bans for cheats

A long promising bans for cheating were assessed all lovers of forbidden mods.

For many years, we constantly hear about punishment for using prohibited mods, but did not see it in action. Constant warnings about block accounts or ban for use mods that clearly betray the player all of this were only words. And with each new update modders refined and upgraded their works.

Repeatedly over the use of cheats have been seen popular players and modders. Popularity cheats with each new patch grew but the punishment has not followed.

In October, it was another promise about punishment for not fair play, but it was quiet until November at the official website of the game appeared an article about bans of 15 000 players. Finally WG decided to take action. The first measures was the ban account for 7 days about 15,000 players that have been seen over the use of prohibited modifications. When they attempt login to the game, these tankers have seen a message “account has been suspended due to the use of prohibited modifications.”

This was the first wave of locks accounts. The second wave, which is promised soon, it will be later.

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