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Forbidden autoaim Darktim for WOT

To aim in tank with high speed is not so easy because you must calculate the required pre-emption. For good player it is not a problem but for a beginner – it is practically impossible. To make life easier for tankers was created Darktim cheat mod, which will give players advantages in battle. …

[] Mod “X-ray” for WOT

Here is one more effective mod. Mod «X-ray» for WOT. This mod is an analogue of the very popular mod for gamers «Tundra». This modification gives a great advantage to the user in the game therefore refers to the classification of Prohibited modes or so called cheats mods. So if …

Common test 9.17.1

Now you can download common test for update 9.17.1. In this test you will see: – new German tanks – changes with top Japanese tanks –  new features premium technology – updates with the fortified area – much more – HD-quality tanks: Part 1, Part 2

WG about prohibition mods

Wargaming began sending messages at e-mail users with notification about changes to its Privacy Policy. There was found few interesting points, from which it follows that WG collects data about your computers, namely, operating system, MAC and IP addresses, and so on. There are a few hints to collect information on the …