Mod “Chaos” server scope without dissynchronization WOT

Do you remember those times when you successful on 100% took aim then fired and wait for a successful outcome but it is not present because the shot flew past. To avoid such situations you need Mod «Chaos» for WOT
Friends, I am sure that situation when your shot misses its appointment none of tankers are not encouraging. The point in that for successful shot you need not only a good aim but also client and server sights were united in one direction. Because of dissynchronization there is sometimes punning situation. When you take aim your gun looks directly at the enemy but your tower did not have a time to turn so shot flew past. This mod will help you to solve these problems.

This mod will help you to have synchronization between server and client sights. So your shot effectiveness will increases. Now the tower and the gun will move synchronously and your shot will be right on your enemy tank. But unfortunaly mod has one disadvantage: jerking the gun


Copy res_mods folder in the game folder.

IMPORTANT! Yoy need to include the item «Use server-sight» in the game


Mod «Chaos» server scope without dissynchronization (200 KB)

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