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Author ProTanki scope for WoT

Hi, tankers! I want to introduce you Author ProTanki scope for WoT All players are well acquainted with ProTanki ModPack. This Modpack is one of the most popular and beloved mods for all tankers. To represent this mod is not necessary. The same applies to the sight ProTanki for …

Zayaz scope for WoT

We introduce you popular among players Zayaz scope for WoT Zayaz scope for WoT really widely popular and favorite among the players. And it’s not so simple. After all, they are really easy to use and effective in combat.

Sight “Destroyer” for World of Tanks 9.19.1

Hi, tankers! Here is a minimalistic but useful sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks Sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks — is a minimalistic but useful and functional sight for your game. The author is Andre_V. This sight it displays only the information you need while leaving plenty of …