Sight Warrior for World of Tanks

Friends! Today we present a very convenient and promising sight Warrior with many advantages.

There are so many scopes with its own advioantages in the World of Tanks. Each sight is different with its own characteristics. But the sight Warrior has all of this characteristics. This scope will be indispensable to you in combat. Features and benefits of mod:
— Color spectrum.
The scope is colorful so it will visible on all types of maps: from the winter and others maps with green areas.
— Information display function
This feature will tell you that the weapons came down and ready for battle. This information will be notified in the form of 2 green strips near the crosshair, which will blink.
— Function displaying your enemy armor thickness
Now, you will know where to shoot:red- will cause maximum damage, green — damage.
— Information about the technique
— Distance to target

103 101

How to install:

Download and unzip the file.
Folder put on this path: World of Tanks / res_mods /


sight_warrior (500 KB)

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