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Mod smart autoaim for World of Tanks

In the category forbidden mods there are a large number of mods with an smart, automatic autoaim. Such mods do all important job and player only must make a shot. But these mods, have one huge minus –  punishment from WG. Today we present a smart autoaim from category official mods, which can be used without any …

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Information MeltyMap + x30 Zoom to WOT

Updated 16/06/2016: adapted to; added zoom x30; Description: Excellent informative information MeltyMap + x30 Zoom to WOT will make your game more comfortable. The reduction made in beautiful colors and has an excellent animation of charge. The same information displays data on the thickness of armor when you …


Sight “Destroyer” for World of Tanks 9.15.1

Hi, tankers! Here is a minimalistic but useful sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks Sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks — is a minimalistic but useful and functional sight for your game. The author is Andre_V. This sight it displays only the information you need while leaving plenty of …