Sight “Valuhov” for WOT

Updated 23/07/2017:
Hello, everybody!
I would like to introduce you Sight «Valuhov» for WOT

Sight «Valuhov» for WOT has been developed recently but has already become popular and entered to ModPack
Pro Tanki and it is not so easy.
Sight Valuhov consists of 4 different versions of arcade and sniper scope. You can switch them in the settings of the sight in the game. You should go to Settings -> sight.
The sight also display projectile penetration information and the thickness of armor in the induced point. If you do not need this information go to the folder WOT / res_mods / / gui / scaleform / and delete the file crosshair_sniper.swf.

pricel_valuhov pricel_valuhov1-580x463 pricel_valuhov2-436x580 (1) pricel_valuhov2-436x580


Copy the folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods /


9-19.1.1-valuhov (630 KB)

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