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Sight Taipan for World of Tanks 0.9.18

Sight Taipan can not be called a minimalist it has a lot of useful and important elements for a successful battle. But with all of this this sight is comfortable and not overloaded with not needed information. The sight is clear, so any discomfort the player will not arise. Features of …

[0.9.19] White CircleCross sight for WOT

Sights – one of the most essential and important elements for battle. Good sight – a guarantee of success. That is why today we present a new, improved sight CircleCross. The main feature of this sight is its color. White sight is clearly visible on the enemy armor, on any vegetation …

Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18

We introduce you popular among players Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18 Zayaz scope for WoT 0.9.18 really widely popular and favorite among the players. And it’s not so simple. After all, they are really easy to use and effective in combat.

Sight “Valuhov” for WOT 0.9.18

Updated 23/05/2017: Hello, everybody! I would like to introduce you Sight «Valuhov» for WOT 0.9.18 Description: Sight «Valuhov» for WOT 0.9.18 has been developed recently but has already become popular and entered to ModPack Pro Tanki and it is not so easy. Sight Valuhov consists of 4 different versions of …

[9.18] Jove scope for WOT

Update – 22/05/2017. We have already presented sights from many popular players: Dezertoda, Maracasy, ProTanki. Today we want to introduce you sight that the most popular russion player – Jove uses. The sight is not the author’s work. It just only mod which he like to use. Mod adapted to version 9.18