Sight TAIPAN 2 + penetration indicator for WOT

Updated 23/07/2017

Adapted sights for
updated scripts, removed ads modpaka Jovi;
Sight updated to the latest version, modified scope of art;

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You’ve probably already known with the sight Taipan for WOT, it is very popular and it is used by many famous tankers. Now it’s time to introduce you to a new version of this sight — sight TAIPAN 2 with an indicator for the penetration WOT

Like its predecessor, the sight is great. The author decided to take into account the wishes of many tankers and make arcade and sniper scopes more concise and minimalist.
Penetration indicator has been moved to the marker on the central line, which converge to it. Because of this it has become more visible and well-suited for those who need a bright and visible indication of penetration. For convenience, the arty is separate from the scope of arcade and sniper, so if you need it, be sure to install it.

Set fonts.
Copy the folders gui and scripts in World_of_Tanks / res_mods /, confirming a replacement.

Taipanity (489.9 KB)

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