[] White CircleCross sight for WOT

Sights – one of the most essential and important elements for battle. Good sight – a guarantee of success. That is why today we present a new, improved sight CircleCross. The main feature of this sight is its color. White sight is clearly visible on the enemy armor, on any vegetation and on any object behind which the enemy is hide.

There is only one negative – it’s winter map or very bright one. Then about the mod effectiveness can be bet. But in all others cases mod does not replace. Also this mod is very informative:
– Displays the number of HP
– Shows the remaining ammunition
– Informs about the distance to the enemy
– Demonstrat enemy recharge
– The inscription “Ready” at the end of your recharge

117 116 115 114 113 112 111

The author of mod is modmaker Andre_V. Good luck on the battlefield everyone!


White CircleCross sight (2 MB)

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