Set of sights “Magnetola” for World of Tanks

Full adaptation of the very ancient and forgotten sight “Magnetola” for World of tanks As you know there is a different taste for players WOT. Players discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various modifications of sights.

One like when there is a large amount of information before his eyes – up to the class of technology and its technical characteristics. Others, on the contrary, believe that the flickering of figures and all sorts of graphic indicators only distracts from the battle.

In this mod, there is information on the number of units of life, the time of recharging the gun and the presence of the remaining ammunition. In tanks with a drum-type loading system – how many shells are left before the full recharge.

There is a sensor of the distance to the target, which will tell if it makes sense to shoot. Of course, you can not do without the informant of the state of the gun. It is superimposed on the circle of information and burns red when the gun is being recharged. Green color tells you that you can fire.


Set of sights “Magnetola” (250 KB)

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