Realistic sight (Sniper 2) World of Tanks

Scopes are available on our website differ their functionality, but the sight we prepared today differ its appearance. Once you find your opponent and be ready to make a shot action of mod will surprise you. In place of conventional variant of the sight appears sighting optics from sniper rifle. Several unexpected and unusual for games in the tanks. But this is only the initial opinion.

Just a couple of minutes you with great pleasure will use mod. By passing a complete change of appearance mod also stands out for its functionality. All important and necessary elements of a successful fight here are. Author of mod NEO_ANONIM, tried and made a it very realistic and practical.

1482681888_1481117005_shot_002 1482681898_1481116982_shot_003 1482681870_1481117022_shot_004 1482681927_1481117059_shot_005
Copy the folder in res_mods folder and confirm the replacement.
After you install the fonts from a folder (Font).


Realistic sight (Sniper 2) (200 KB)

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