Arcade + Sniper sights ZX 0.5 mini for WOT 0.9.18

Another arcade + sniper scope from the series ZX 0.5 mini for WOT 0.9.18. This is the next stage in the evolution of the ZX range from marsoff and Andre_V. In it all your wishes and suggestions are realized. In this version, the author did the following:
In the sniper mode more beauty, for a visual difference from the arcade sight. Removed the display of the nick when hovering on the target, so as not to occupy space for review;

The sight has beautiful lateral arcs that display the recharge time and your health. During recharging and low HP, they change their color. In addition, it has 2 appearance, it is very steep, you can see it on the 3 screenshot above. It is included in the settings of the sight in battle, selecting the “Horizontal” indicator for both sights.


Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.


Arcade + Sniper sights  (1 MB)

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