Super informative sights on Deegie for World of Tanks

Updated 23/07/2017:

added zoom x30 for sight;
Informative in sight a necessary thing, because knowing about the enemy as much information as you can you can always make the right decisions.

Super informative sights on Deegie for World of Tanks — it’s very steep and heaped sights that will make your game more spectacular and fun.Sight Deegie brings a lot of useful information and makes it all with a beautiful animation, which is unfortunately a bit squander FPS. But do not worry, for people who are trying to squeeze the maximum performance we made a stripped-down version of the sight (clean version). It is minimal impact on your FPS and you can play with it without even noticing that it what is harvested.

It comes sight in 2 colors:

— green
— blue
For convenience and performance, it was decided to give you the opportunity to choose between two installation options:

-animated informative sight (reduces FPS)
-clean sight
If you want to fully enjoy all the beauty and uniqueness of the sight, install the animated version of yourself, if you more performance, then clean sight for you. As a supplement to the super informative sight in addition is the zoom for sniper scope with x16 or x30 magnification.

To install this sight copy the folder gui and scripts from the archive to a folder: /World_of_Tanks/res_mods/


Deegies-sight (1 mb)

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