Mod smart autoaim for World of Tanks

In the category forbidden mods there are a large number of mods with an smart, automatic autoaim. Such mods do all important job and player only must make a shot. But these mods, have one huge minus –  punishment from WG.

Today we present a smart autoaim from category official mods, which can be used without any risk and fear take ban. Mod has three important functions:
– An energy field around the selected enemy tank
– The arrow with the direction of the enemy, if it is out of sight
– Contour of enemy tanks
Mod has file where you can change all 3 options and a wide range of colors for contour. Author of mod is Spoter

777 999

res_mods \ configs \ spoter_mods \ autoaim extended \ autoaim extended.xml


Mod smart autoaim  (700 KB)

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