Forbidden autoaim Darktim for WOT

To aim in tank with high speed is not so easy because you must calculate the required pre-emption. For good player it is not a problem but for a beginner – it is practically impossible. To make life easier for tankers was created Darktim cheat mod, which will give players advantages in battle. Firstly, mod has a good autoaim and you will significantly improve your results.

Secondly, mod is automatically search for vulnerabilities in the enemy’s armor. This way you will advance causes successful hits. In addition, if is not possible to shot, as the enemy tank is located behind the object mod will inform you about this.

To work mod correctly you need to remove all the alternative autoaim in res mods. By default, the modification control is performed using KEY_NUMPAD5 buttons.

87 666 744

res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ EPRST \ xml \ EP_aimbot.xml


Forbidden autoaim Darktim (500 KB)

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