The second common test 9.17

December 5th was started the second Common Test for update 9.17.

As you have already noticed at the launcher has been added a new update for 12 MB. The second common test has some changes:

– Correct calculation of bonuses when driving with cleats
– Correct use of radio operator skills
– Numerous changes in technology
– Changes in the French heavy tanks
– Changes with premium technology
– Changes and improvements in the Swedish branch of tanks
– Improved the display of tracks in the SU-85I
– Fixed music playback on the loading screen
– And many other things
Test the new version can only players who had signed up for World of Tanks to November 7th 2016. Next download a special installer and run the installer that will download and install a test version of the client 9.17_test2.


Special installer (3,94 МБ)

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