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The second common test 9.17

December 5th was started the second Common Test for update 9.17. As you have already noticed at the launcher has been added a new update for 12 MB. The second common test has some changes: – Correct calculation of bonuses when driving with cleats – Correct use of radio operator skills …

Common test for update 9.17

Developers of World of Tanks have launched a common test of the next patch under the number 0.9.17, now you can get acquainted with future innovations in game. Here are main innovations: -Sound Added support for 7.1 and 5.1 audio systems + in the game settings can be independently fine-tune the effects …

Update 9.15.1. Common Test

Today, June 23rd, came a common test for update  9.15.1. If you are logged in game before June 15th, 2016 you can play on the test server and test new update. For this you need to download special installer. Because of large number people may be a queue.

Common test for Update 9.15

Friends! Finally is available General Test for Updates 9.15. Approximately, May 10-12, will be an update 9.15 for World of Tanks. In the meantime, you can play on the access for everybody, General Tests of upcoming update. Common test is available to all players who signed up for World of …