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Blue damage panel for World of Tanks 0.9.16

For many players World of Tanks is very important to know who leds fire to opponents and  how much damage caused. But in the standard client this information you can get only after battle. What should I do if I want to know this now ?! There is nothing complicated! Simply install blue …

Minimalistic sight Amway921 for World of Tanks 0.9.16

Minimalistic sight from Amway for World of tanks 0.9.16 is released from the line of the others sights that it has nothing superfluous – only reload weapons, the number of points of your strength in percentage, comfortable square handle, the LED current multiplicity zoom, the distance to the enemy. Reduction of …

Update 9.15.1. Release

Friends! We are happy to inform you, if everything will be good, June 19th we will have another new update from Wargaming. Update version 9.15.1 will have the following changes and improvements: – Sound when glare enemy – Sound when ally has dead – Tank Lorraine 40t replaced by Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP. …

Update 9.15.1. Common Test

Today, June 23rd, came a common test for update  9.15.1. If you are logged in game before June 15th, 2016 you can play on the test server and test new update. For this you need to download special installer. Because of large number people may be a queue.