Release date update 9.19.1

The next significant patch for World of Tanks will be patch, after it there will be an update 0.9.20 with graphics, and in autumn we are waiting for the innovation in the form WOT 2.0. What we have known about the upcoming patch.

Estimated dates for update for WOT:

  • Preparing news from WG – June 13th
  • Official announcement from WG – June 14th
  • Supertest – June 15th
  • First common test for patch 9.19.1 – June 21-22nd.
  • Second common test for patch 9.19.1 – June 28th
  • The release update 9.19.1 – the first half of July 2017

About the opening date of common test patch – we will inform you additionally. After the server of common test becomes open, you can install the client of the common test, using the INSTALLER

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