Common test for patch 9.18

Improved balancer, light tanks of the tenth level, a new role of artillery, updated rules for the formation of platoons, more than twenty tanks in HD-quality – all this is now in common test for update 9.18.

How to download?

1. Download the special installer.
2. Install the test client in a separate folder from the main game.
3. Only those players who registered in the World of Tanks before March 20, 2017 can take part in the test.


According to our observations, the balancer has always been one of the most important reasons for the dissatisfaction of World of Tanks players. Over the years, players have reported multiple instances of creating unequal teams in combat, repetitive maps and strange ranges of skill levels in teams. In update 9.18, developers have significantly redesigned the mechanism of the balancer, which will correct the moments that our users spoke about. To create fair conditions for all players, developers revised the key mechanics of the balancer and introduced a completely new algorithm.
In fact, the improved balancer is a set of server-side algorithms that analyze the amount of hardware in the waiting queue and create two teams using a set of key criteria. The main task of the balancer is to create equal conditions for victory for each of the teams, maintaining a variety of compositions, unpredictable outcome of the battle.

The new algorithm allows you to create equal teams for the battle for the optimal period of time. First, the algorithm attempts to create an “ideal” battle with a range of ± 2 levels using the 3/5/7 template or its variants. The use of a particular option directly depends on the composition of the equipment in the waiting queue. Regardless of the chosen variant of the template, the created battle will always follow the conditions:

No more than three units of equipment at the top of the team list;
No more than five units of equipment in the middle of the team list.
In the middle of the list more technique than at the top of the list;
At the bottom of the list is more technology than in the middle of the list.
And if the compilation of “ideal” commands takes too much time (for example, if there are too many technicians at the current queue in the queue), the balancer slightly loosens the constraints to speed up the process of selecting teams. In this case, the player can get into the fight with a range of one or two levels of technology. Most battles will be created with a range of ± 2 levels.

Download Common Test

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