Interface and platoons in 9.17.1

We have already talked about some of the significant changes in update 9.17.1. However there will be  important improvements about interface and platoons. We will tell you more about them.

– technology filter in Hangar
Technology filters will be optimized, so that the process of selection of machines in the hangar will be faster and more convenient:

Developers have revised the order of display available filters. Now you can first select the type and the nation, and only – the required level of technology.
A pop-up will appear new counter filter menu, which will show the number of machines in the hangar corresponding exposed filters.

Block “Extras” will be a separate filter. Lease and promotional machine will now be displayed by default on the panel technology.
Instead the button “Reset Filter”will be added the text search by name appliances. Now you can search by the name of the technique, taking into account all the selected filters. So, for example, if you have installed filters on heavy USSR tanks, the search will be carried out exactly among these machines. And if you want to search across all machines in your Hangar just do not set up any filters – instead, enter the name (or part of the name) of the machine in the search box, and see a list of tanks, have these symbols whose titles.

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