9.15 – Supertest is alive

Today will start Supertest to update 9.15

Today,April 21, will start Supertest to update 9.15. A week later it will start General Test, which will last 2 weeks. And in May 10 or 12 we can be expected Updates 9.15.


So what changes and innovations await for us in new patch 9.15?

— Updated and added new options in Hangar, new filters for tanks «carousel»
— 5 main groups for technique parameters
— Will be able to view not purchased technology in the hangar
— There will be new options the performance characteristics
— The engine physics modified (minimize chance to not overturn when you run fast)
— Improved voice settings: you can select the type of speaker system
— The new sight indicator in the form of a circle
— Add 2 Zoom mode: x16, x25
— At the login screen and in the Hangar added about server status and ping
— Maps «Mines» and «Mittengard» changes for the PvE-learning
— Ability to play single player with 14 bots against 15 bots
— Grille 15 it is replaced Waffenträger auf E 100
— Were made changes of performance characteristics some tank levels for the right balance of the game. For example among V to VI levels dominate are tanks from Japanese branch, to not have such imbalance in the game tanks performance characteristics these levels are altered
— Added tank models for testing: KV-4 Kreslavskiy, Object 268 Option 5, T71 CMCD, T-45
— Reworked in HD-quality new tanks: Part I, Part II, Part III,Part IV
— Mode «Fight to the last» in the near future will be disabled, but the T-22 — the main prize for the performance of combat missions will be left in the game but its performance characteristics will be altered.

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