[9.14] New Blender Tank Viewer for World of Tanks

The program is suitable for version 9.14 and not only. The program allows you to view the machines without entering in the hangar, and even those machines that you even do not have in stock.

Blender Tank Viewer is a new, modern version of WOT Tank Viewer. Unlike its predecessor, Blender Tank Viewer has its advantages and features:
— You can get acquainted with the skins, hangars without entering the game
— You can make skin and get acquainted with those tanks that you do not have in the hangar but there are in the game client.
— You can read more about specifications and booking of the tank
— You can see the tanks are not available to you, only for Supertesters

Manage the program simply because there are clues in the bottom of the window. The keys shift + F include navigation, numpad0 — camera, TAB — gravity. Mode walk

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1. Download the file below
2. Install the Blender folder
3. Copy blender_tank_viewer in C: \ Program Files \ Blender Foundation \ Blender \ 2.76 \ scripts \ addons_contrib \ Addons folder and install
4. Turn the Blender plugin (File-> User Preferences …), and each time do not include it, save by clicking on the button «Save User Settings»
5. Click TankViewer tab, specify the path to where the game and press «Parse Wot» button.

For 64-bit systems (80 MB)
For 32-bit systems (66 MB)
Blender Tank Viewer plugin (3 MB)

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