WOT Reg Edit Program to change the localization of the customer.

Updated 07/04/2017
Updated to ver.-2.3
I would like to introduce you the updated program to change the localization of the customer.


Many players have a desire to play on different servers WOT but for this you need a new client with the correct localization. And it’s very uncomfortable. Therefore, mod makers have tried to make life easier for tankers and come up with special soft — WOT Reg Edit WOT Reg Edit is a program to change the localization of the customer. With the help of this program you without problems and efforts can change the location of your client to one of the following:
— RU
— EU
— NA
The program is presented in several styles. It also protect you from wrong copying files and error in the game client because of this. At any time you can change the location and return to the previous just one click.

But remember you have to create a new account on the server on which to play. Your old account will not work to the new server.

Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder. (IMPORTANT: The program must be in your game otherwise it will not work.)
Start WoTRegionEditor.exe and select the desired location.
Run the game through the launcher or World_of_Tanks.exe.

wot-reg-edit  (7.8 MB)

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