Battle interface and personal battle interface missions in 9.17.1

The previous version of the interface battle missions has not always been easy for the players. Sometimes, when a large number of available tasks have been difficult to simultaneously track the progress, performance and stay current goals. We decided to remedy the situation and improve the display purposes in the Hangar – that you can timely learn about the performance of certain tasks, receiving awards, as well as the following tasks that are available for execution.

As you know, personal battle missions become available in Hangar at IV level. In update 9.17.1, you can go to the menu of battle missions by clicking on a special flag in the hangar. Starting with level IV, in the hangar will show two flags: the daily and personal combat missions. Each box will report the number of available missions, there can also be switched between their types. If you follow all the daily mission, the check box displays the appropriate sign – when you hover over it will be a complete list of tasks with awards for their implementation.

To see more detailed information about the task, just click on the desired task – and the tooltip will display its basic and additional conditions, as well as list of awards for the performance of each of them.

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