Patch 9.17.1. All changes

Game Features.

– From the client was removed mode “Playing Ladder”; players will be able to see their statistics on mode Achievements tab.
– In the graphics settings reversed setting “Mode” and “Window Size”, and the mode “window (without frame),” added the ability to select the resolution that can be claimed from the streamer with one monitor.
– A new way to connect game mods, in which the entire content of each mod is packed into a single file
The following changes in the interface elements:
Tapes combat effectiveness.
– Implemented the ability to display two or more belts at the same event in the battle. For example, when you deal damage from two tanks with one shot (or applying damage to two different machines in different shots in a very short period of time) will not display a tape with the amount of damage and the name of the machine (on which the latter was damaged), and two different tape display of damage for each tank. This logic is implemented for all tapes of abattle effectiveness.
– In the case of the destruction the enemy, the player is no need to see the tape with the number of modules crit destruction machine (after the tape to “destroy”). Displaying tape “critical hit” in this case will be turned off.
– Added a new film “The damage from the fall” (when applied to damage the enemy landscape (physics)) In a detailed log of damage, this event will be displayed separately.. Also, this tape will be added to the settings for the display configuration options.

Direction indicators of damage.

– Changed the graphic material damage direction indicators (for the combat interface unloading).
– Added option which allows to enable / disable the display of dynamic indicator of damage (changes the width of the indicator depending on the amount received damage). The default setting is disabled in the battle will be displayed indicators of the same size.
– Changed indicators timings and added animation.
In settings added additional information, explaining the principles of some of the feedback settings in combat.

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