The Fatality sight for WOT

Here is Fatality sight for WOT with accelerated information
Updated 21.07.2017

Fatality sight for WOT — is a convenient and useful scope that is available in three versions (light, minimalist and complex). Any of the three options you can choose right in the game.
Fatality sight for WOT has its advantages:

— Accelerated information (range of information was narrowed that would help you better hit the target)
— A simple interface, nice colors
— Additional information outside circle is displayed that you have a large spread
— Green and red light, which can alert you to the possibility or impossibility enemy penetration
— Shooting mod


Copy the folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods /, confirming a replacement.


fatality-gun-sight-by-luxz (1 MB)

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