Mod 15 meters circle for masking bushes WOT 0.9.17

The circle on the ground with the help of which you can shoot at the enemy and not to be overexposed.

It is not cheat mod or prohibited modification. It is legal mod which useful for beginners.  In the game you can shoot at the enemy and not to be overexposed, but it should be done at a distance of 15 meters. In such distance you can hiding in the bush and inflict defeat on the enemy but he will see you.


Agree very comfortable situation. But for many it is problematic to calculate the distance in 15 meters so this mod has been created. On the ground near your tank will always be inscribed circle with a diameter of 15 meters. Now you can free to strike at the enemy from behind the bushes without fear of being overexposed.

In addition, by using the F9 key, you can quickly turn on and off mod if necessary.

Copy the folder scripts and objects in the WOT / res_mods / 0.9.17 /


Mod circle 15 meters (100 KB)


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