Improved shells panel for World of Tanks

As you know the standard version of the shells panels are not perfect and does not fit everyone. Today, we offer an upgraded version of it. Our version is more enhanced and sophisticated. Firstly change with fonts. If you play on the big screen, or you have poor vision – then you need bigger font. Mod provides such an opportunity. The font can be enlarged to any size you are interested in.
With the help of this mod and intuitive configuration file you can change not only the font and its size, but the color of the text, to include glow in the panel included overcharging and add drum display

Setting fashion:

\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \\ gui \ flash \ CPSetting.xml

Install New Font.
Copy the folder in the gui WOT / res_mods /


Improved shells panel (100 KB)

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