The sight Harpoon – Mod combat interface for WOT 0.9.16

Updated 05/10/2016:

updated scripts;
added to the flight time of the projectile in the arty sight
adapted to 0.9.16;
Updated to the latest version;
On our site you can find more than 140 different sights in the category of sights for World of Tanks.

And today we want to fill our catalog a new sight. The sight Harpoon — is not only a set of arcade, sniper scopes and art, but it is also a battle mode interface for WOT The sight comes with a variety of indicators of damage angles traverse for ACS and PT-ACS, ping panel, as well as a modified drum.

3003 3002 3001 3000


Copy the folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.16 /.


harpoon (3.5 mb)

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