[9.15.1] Standard Sight + Sight “ala Vspishka”

Today we are glad to introduce you useful and functional scope with a wide choice of possibilities. The sight has a lot of advantages that will  you are irreplaceable in battle. Introduce Standard Sight  + sight “ala Vspishka” 9.15.1

On our site there are a large variety of different sights to suit all tastes. But I am glad today to present you mod which will become one of your favorite modifications. Standard sight + sight “ala Vspishka”
This sight has a number of advantages:
– Reload timer and reload time of guns in all modes
– Ability to display the strength of tank in %, it will be very useful when you aiming
– Ability to use zoom for closer at the target;
– Displaying the height of the camera position for tank Destroers;
– Mod shows the time of flight of the projectile with automatic settings for tank Destroers;

1452623996_pricel8 1452624010_pricel6 1452623933_pricel5

For convenience, there are 3 different  markers in mod: a marker in the form of square brackets with a dot in the center, a marker in the form of a circle with a dot in the center and marker in the form of square brackets with 4 points in the center.

Copy the folder gui in the World_of_Tanks / res_mods / /


standard_crosshair_9.15_ (500 KB)

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