Mod – Included lights in World of Tanks

The developers designed game so that the time of day there is always the same – daytime. Many inquiries and requests about corrective action to the game remained unchanged. But as you know, our modders are capable of much. Rewriting the code of the game and making adjustments to the long-awaited changes to fruition.

Enjoy the starry sky is already real. By passing headlights included in the game in this mod you will find 4 special supplements that you really will enjoy:

– Activate neon lights;
– Illuminate the tank located in your sight;
– Add police flashers on your turret;
– Special pack which includes: lights, turns, size, feet, reversing indication;

Setting fashion headlights:

\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_LampLights.json
\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ LampLights \ *. Json

7 8 3-1 2-2 1-1 6 4-2


Copy res_mods folder in the folder with the game, confirming the replacement


Mod – Included lights (2 MB)

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