Red columns with colored markers for World of Tanks

Recently we have offered you a mod red pillars. Its mod, which draws on the last place of glare enemy tank  bright red pillars. Thus tanker will always know where the last of the enemy tank was seen. This modification allow to shoot accurately in the location of the tank, if quickly make a shot.

But today we offer more advanced version of this mod. Mod red pillars with colored marks from Stealthz + SpongeDoc. What is differences mod from previous one? The whole point of multi-colored marks. They demonstrate the tank height in relation to the horizon. It means if you see only red colour – it means that the shoot is not necessary, you in low possition and you just miss. Shot can if you see any others colors except red.
Customize mod can be in the file
WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ Stealthz \ redPull.json

1482771056_1431598726_shot_012 1482770982_1431598695_shot_010


Red columns with colored markers (50 KB)

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