[] Mod displaying spheres on the place of tank outside the square to draw WOT

Mod for fans to shoot at great distance. Mod, which will display the scope in place of the tank outside the square of draw.

If you do not like to race on  the tanks,but prefer to shoot at a distance from convenient and secure shelter then this mod is for you. If you are familiar with the physics of the game and the possibilities of sight, then you are certainly know that the long range of the enemy combat vehicles simply do not appear in sight. How to get something that you have not seen? Here will help you mod “Spheres”.

The main task of mod is to show all the enemy tanks on the distance as large as possible. But it will show the enemy in the form of round spheres. This is much more better than simply shoot at random along the boundaries of the minimap.

Plus was added option from Item with color options spheres: green, red, blue and the size of the sphere. For editing, use the program Notepad ++

33333 6666 55555

option from Lportii
res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ mods \ mod_pack_lpt_files \ xml \ module_object_invis.xml

option from the Item
res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ mods \ item.xml


Mod displaying spheres  (50 KB)

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