Chameleon with 3D skins enemy’s tanks for World of tanks

We introduce mod with function to view strong and weak enemies zones.

Mod Chameleon has several advantages:

1. The mod will inform player about all vulnerable places of the enemy. Bright 3D skins will show a player all weaknesses (tower, caterpillar, the roof of tank) and strong place of the tank reservation.

2. Only in sniper mode will be visible bright skin. The rest time players will enjoy the great graphics of the game.

3. On the skins will be visible fault location of your shells and your allies shells . You’ll know exactly where to put the missing hit

4. Mod shows good results in shooting for long range. You will be able to get in tank, even if a couple of  pixels will visible.

Mod Chameleon refers to the forbidden modifications. Be careful not to expose the screen shots of the game in Internet. Mod turned on and off using the key NUMPAD6.

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res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod Chameleon.xml


chameleon-mod (200 KB)

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