Red balls from artillery shot World of Tanks

Since mod has a distinct advantage over others players, it is a part of prohibited modifications. Player is solely responsible for the consequences of using mod. This could be your account on a weekly or block from WG.
If you love to play on artillery and you do not confuse cheat modifications – then this mod is for you. The essence of mod is very simple: as soon as your opponent shot from arty then mod fix its location and designates its red balls. You have to do one thing – to make a devastating shot towards the balls.

If suddenly you have not touched the enemy tank then it just drove off and next time you need to shoot with a little feedforward. Do not forget that the mod is forbidden, so do not lay out screenshots of the game to the Internet. Author of mod is Limarik

1482678959_1471506878_shot_006 1482679032_1471506776_shot_004 1482679006_1471506827_shot_001-1


Red balls (50 KB)

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