Autoaim Shaytan – scope with feedforward for the World of Tanks

Shaytan – is a smart autoaim shooting for feedforward.

If you do not want to shot wide of the goal you need to shoot for feedforward . But calculate the distance of an inexperienced player is difficult, and experienced player too. Feedforward for good shot depends on many factors: the enemy’s speed, the distance to the enemy, speed projectile flight , etc.

If you do not have all this information, autoaim Shaytan will be useful for you. Shaytan – is a smart autoaim which alone can calculate the necessary feedforward, making a takeover target behind an obstacle, also mod can make the capture of the required points on the enemy’s armor.

1424768835_shot_005 1424768919_shot_006

Because of its advantages mods belongs to the category of prohibited modifications, so you use it at your own risk. For the mod use you can be punished by a ban for some time, or account block. The author of mod is ZorroJan.

Active until  1-08-2017

For your convenience, you can set 15 parameters for your taste.
res_mods \\ scripts \ client \ mods \ ZJ_Mods \ xml \ ZJ_AimBotShaytan.xml


Autoaim Shaytan (1 MB)

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